Scope Dryer Cabinets

Scope dryer cabinet 1

An optimal dry- and guarding process guarantees quality and safety for your endoscopes, patients and colleagues. With the in house developed and manufactured DryTop scope dryer for the gastrointestinal, urology, pneumology, ENT and lung department, MediTop offers you a complete solution for registration, user-friendly and hygiene. In combination with our hygiene Tracker scope registration software we offer a fully integrated registration system.

The dryers satisfy the requirements following the last EU norm presented during the 6th SFERD symposium by the RIVM on 17 September 2014 in Breukelen. Use this link to download the presentation:

Our dryTop dryers are the only dryers which register and detect the blowing process of the endoscopic work channels. Play save and choose the DryTop dryer of MediTop.




Characteristics DryTop Scope Dryer Cabinets:

  • Long endoscopes hang free above the bottom
  • Large glass doors open automatically and hands-free by compressed air
  • Automatic lighting
  • Own guarding system for control of tenability, air pressure and flow
  • HEPA filtered overpressure
  • Alarm when failure of compressed air, obstruction blowing process, expired maximum tenability, doors opened to long or failure of the overpressure.
  • All announcements are recorded
  • Connection to the Hygiene Tracker and all other compatible systems
  • Optic and acoustic signalling
  • Endoscopes only accessible by authorised staff
  • LED status directly near every endoscope holder
  • Removal advice, First in is First out
  • Accessible for all types and brands endoscopes


UMC Utrecht in Utrecht, Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis in Utrecht, Zuwe Hofpoort in Woerden, MCA in Alkmaar and the IJsselland Ziekenhuis in Capelle a/d IJssel, Vu Medisch Centrum in Amsterdam.

Scope Dryer Cabinets

Gastrointestinal/Pneumology Scope Dryer Cabinet

Maximum of 8 large endoscopes(with working channel) and free above the bottom. Download folder.

Scope dryer cabinet pneumo gastrointestinal

scope dryers cabinet ENT urology

ENT/Urology Scope Dryer Cabinet

Maximum of 20 endoscopes(with or without work channel) and free above the bottom. Download folder.

Operating-room Scope Dryer Cabinet

Maximum of 8 large endoscopes(with work channel) and free above the bottom. For more information about the operating-room scope dryers please contact us at +31 (0) 348 566 100 or

Operating room Scope dryer cabinet

Automatic Endoscopy Leakage Tester

Less actions, more control!

With the automatic leak tester of MediTop you simplify and secure the pre-cleaning. The staff only has to scan or tag the scope with the optional RFID tagreader and the test will automatically start when the endoscope is connected. Registration and recognition of the type of the scope is fully automatic and can be followed on the display. For a complete registration of your cleaning you can complement the leak tester to your hospital system. Download folder