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MediTop Ophthalmic Products B.V. has been specialist for several years to furnish your specialistic clinic.

We are not just a supplier for equipment and systems but a specialist with knowledge specialised in custom-made refraction units for the ophthalmology.

We offer sharpness, with our actual knowledge of the equipment and furnishing clinics as well as our quick and accurate service. We create space you will need to deliver top performance. Because of this MediTop Ophthalmic Products B.V. is the successful newcomer within the ophthalmology. In Montfoort, We develop and deliver almost all top products for your room furnishing.

Thanks to our technical expertise of our own technical engineers, we guarantee continuity of preventive service and installation. What can you expect from us?

  • Complete furnishing, like refraction units, desktops and cases
  • Additional furniture for the purpose of the consulting and surgery-room
  • Fully service and support of your units by own technical engineers


Refraction units

Refraction unit Horus

Refraction unit Horus 800

Memory functions per user; Electrically adjustable in height; custom-made adaptable; Electric sliding board; Connected to an EPD; 3 trays for eye mirrors; integrated writing table. Control of i.a.

  • Spotlighting
  • Patientchair
  • Phoropter arm
  • Roomlighting
  • Projector column

Horus 800 DUO

Combined ENT- Ophthalmic refraction unit. Idem as the Horus supplemented with several ENT-requisites. For more info about the composite unit please contact us by +31 (0) 394-566100 or


Characteristics of ophthalmic refraction units

Instrumenttables will slide in front of the patient. The first position will electrically slide in front of the patient. When the table with the instruments will slide, the light in the room will automatically go off. The refraction unit is available in a left-handed and a right-handed version and can be performed with:

  • Use of durable materials
  • Memory function per user, several users possible
  • Electrically adjustable in height between 750mm-950mm and is provided with knee protection
  • Control of i.a. dimmer for spot lighting, patient chair(high low/front back), phoropterarm, switchable room lighting and projector column
  • Custom-made adaptable, like custom-made desktop or writingpart
  • Connection to an EPD, HL7 or Dicom Gateway
  • Trays for 3 mirrors
  • Integrated writing table



  • Vlietland ziekenhuis in Schiedam
  • St Anna in Geldrop
  • Ikazia ziekenhuis in Rotterdam
  • St Elisabeth ziekenhuis in Tilburg
  • UMCU in Utrecht