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STAR Medical Systems

MediTop works together with Star Medical Systems and Xion GmbH in the area of software. STAR Medical Systems offers a professional medical solution for a closing process working with visible light. In the product range you will find solutions for the hygiene of the scopes, digital storage and reporting. All products are employable in the total range of the hospital. You will perform optimal thanks to:

  • Our reliable products
  • Our interdependent product line
  • Connection to all large ZIS- and PACS-systems
  • Combination with your own already present products
  • Sharp priced solutions, which differentiate by their value for money


Written below, you find an overview of the STAR Medical Systems products:

Star medical systems 1Using the Image & Video Manager(IVM) professionals can easily make medical video images and saving them for later use. This application is suitable for equipment which works with visible light, and is easily configured for use within any desired specialty. At the moment the Image & Video Manager is frequently used in the specialisms ENT, gastrointestinal and orthopaedics.
Star medical systems 2STAR Medical Systems offers a webapplication in combination with our Image & Video Manager. The web application is suitable for query of medical video images through every station that is connected to the network. Every workstation which has a web browser like Explorer or Firefox, you can use to query your images. You only have to import a simple url. Users can get different authorisation levels by which they can quick and easily request all the patient information.
Star medical systems 3Would a warning systems helps you in case there originate a risky situation with one of your scopes? Do you know where and in which condition your scopes are on every moment of the day? The hygiene tracker offers optimal support by register and guard the user cyclus of your flexible scopes or other hygiene related instruments.
Star medical systems 4The ClinicalReporter is a system whereby you can create a digital medical report on a quick and easy way. With the structured input you can get a high degree of consistency in the report. This contribute to a good transferability. For the gastrointestinal department the Minimal Standard Terminology(MST) is used.
STAR Medical Systems offers hospitals a total solution with HL7, DICOM and Contect-connections, where by data can be digitally retrieved out of the existing diagnostic systems.
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Below you will find an overview of the Xion products:

Patient Management: manual input or input by chipdrive of patient data. Search- and Sort functions in the patient list. Research management: input, save or change of research data in the list of doctors. Managing Sessions: Sessions of all modules will be automatically attribute to the patient and managed in the patient file. Generate sessions by input of patient data or with the use of the “Quick Start” function. Automatic backup reminder of all data as well as all new or changed data. Easy and quick export of images and diagrams in different MS Word templates of personal layouts like doctors prescriptions. Saving of MS Word documents in an overview of the sessions. Download folder
Record of videos in MPEG-2 format or play DV format of video images or as video sequent including audio. Watch separate video frames one by one in a thumbnail view. Cutting without loss. Print function. Exporting videos and images to MS Word, graphic or video file or the clipping board. Marking of frames. Execute of the examination in fullscreen modus and record video or images at the same time.Download folder
Recording of images with the foot pedal, The control panel of the camera head or the panel of the camera control unit. Watch several images in thumbnail view. Watching of several images or watching with a slideshow with adjustable speed. Print function. Exporting videos and images to MS Word, graphic or video file or the clipping board. Marking of frames. Execute of the examination in fullscreen modus and record video or images at the same time. Download folder
Record or play of the ECG separate or parallel to the stroboscopic recording. Direct compare of ECG and stroboscopic recordings. Calculations van QQQ(Quasi-open-quotient) and volume of the selected period. Invert of ECG diagrams using a mouse click. Export of result like images. Download folder
Record and graphic view of the voice in real time: Spectogram, Oscillogram, Audio signal viewed in frequency amplitude. Analysis and graphic view of different analysis: Fundamental frequency, Energy, broadband spectrogram, narrowband spectrogram, Calcultation of shimmer and rilling values, dynamic confrontation of single analysis. Individual navigation in the recording(play, pause, stop, quick forward and reverse). Print function. Export of analysis to graphic files. Download folder
Measuring of the voice and dynamic reach. View of the volume per frequency in a diagram. Realtime measuring of speaking profile and singing profile during a record. Realtime determination of minimum and maximum volume and frequency. Realtime determination of maximum phoniatrics time(MPT). Import for purposes of equation. Print function. Export of a profile to a graphic file or voice profile. Download folder
Integration in our daily routine without extra effort. Strobokymogrammes generated after recording of stroboscopic images. Increased diagnostic value of stroboscopic recordings. Simultaneous images of oscillation phases of the vocal cord extract. No supplementary hardware needed. Budget friendly compared to other existing procedures. Configurable number of to be scanned imaged. Easy storage export and analysis of strobokymogrammes. Download folder
Use this module to find out if a human voice is suitable for special high requirements on volume or time for a specialised profession. Changing of test following SEIDNER or user defined. Printing of evaluation in diagram of table. Export of the evaluation diagram to a graphic file. Export of a evaluation table to MS Excel. Download folder
In combination with the flexible video endoscopes of XION. The new Divas module FEED(Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Dysphagia) is a modern and efficient possibility to assess and document endoscopic images of swallowing. Image analysis with FEED is comfortable and quick when the research video and the assessment video simultaneously are projected on the screen. The user-friendly graphic interface conduct the user efficiently through the menu and motivates the user to get a maximum of data. Feed is subdivided in two main departments. FEED delivers a standardised list with results for every parameter. Results can be select with a mouse click. This not only saves time but Feed standardised the results as requires. Supplementary individual information can be added in several textboxes. Rapports can be automatically generated in the prescription of the doctor. Like this all the parameters, documented images and diagnostic procedures, individual comments and recommendation concerning the treatment will be documented in written form. Feed is a useful and timesaving tool for dysphagia which requisite the highest quality and efficiency. Download folder
More and more hospitals will process their data digital. They want the digital systems to communicate with each other. A so-called electronic patient dossier(EPD), whereby all information of one patient can be grouped and is accessible from one place, is therefore a proved solution. A large amount of diagnostic systems is however not ready for digital disclosure. Our division STAR Medical Systems offers hospitals and doctors a complete solution with Hl7, Dicom and context coupling, with which successful integration with the information system of the hospital(ZIS), the Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and the EPD feasible is. The benefits which this connection can offer you are: Patient data can easily be requested from ZIS by reporting the patient number or by a query. Worklists can easily be achieved from ZIS or PACS. Every doctor has the most recent information of the patient thanks to the central storage of the data in the EPD. Download folder
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