The Exsudex® wound drainage system is a compact, portable device intended for patients who benefit from a wound treatment with negative pressure therapy.
The device stimulates the recovery of the wound by draining the exudate.
Recently the Exsudex has undergone a face lift and is a “state of the art” product with touchscreen control and complies with the current legislation.

Exsudex XS, with 300 ml disposable canister

Exsudex XS wondafzuigpomp

Exsudex XL, with 900 ml disposable canisterExsudex xl wondafzuigpomp

The following alarms are build in:

  • Alarm during build-up pressure
  • Alarm loss of pressure
  • Alarm maximum underpressure reached
  • Alarm pot level full
  • Alarm low battery voltage
  • Alarm hose clogged
  • Alarm pump in standby(when not switched on again within 5 minutes after the pump is turned off)
  • It is also possible to display the alarms with delay


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